Everything One-Pot Cookbook, The

Lisa Rogak
A new edition to the Everything Cookbook series-for people with good taste and little time. What could be easier than cooking an entire meal using just one pot? This new book features hundreds of exciting recipes that are guaranteed crowd pleasers, with minimal mess. From appetizers to entrees and even desserts, these one-pot meals are quick, simple, and delicious. One-pot cuisine is characterized by hearty, satisfying dishes that can be prepared using only one of a variety of conventional cooking techniques: a single baking pan, skillet, crock pot, or conventional stove-top pot. Your dinner moves directly from pot to plate, without adding side dishes to create a complete meal. This new kind of cooking is perfect for any level of home cook. And most important, it doesn't require any new kitchen equipment, and the ingredients can be found in any pantry. Whether you are cooking for your family or for a larger crowd, you'll find recipes covering the full gamut: Enticing casseroles Braised meats and vegetables Hearty stews Vegetarian entrees Pasta, rice, and grain meals Fish and shellfish Unique chicken and turkey dinners And most important, the ingredients can be found in any good cook's pantry.


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