7 Things You Must Do to Be an Effective Small Group Leader

Tony Wolfe
Whether you call them Small Groups, Cell Groups, Home Groups, Sunday School Classes, or Bible Fellowships, and whether they meet on campus or off campus, small groups are the backbone of the local church. In small groups we don't just do church together - we do life together. It's where we have the greatest potential for spiritual transformation, and the unique blessing to become a partner in the spiritual transformation of others around us. Are you a Small Group Leader? Yours is a high calling. This short pamphlet offers 7 things you "must do" to be effective in your ministry within the small group setting. If you are not giving careful attention to these 7 things, you may find yourself struggling to keep your head above water, and to be effective as a group leader/teacher. Each of the 7 are explained concisely and are followed by practical tips and suggestions for immediate implementation within your group. For principled necessity, practical application, and helpful suggestion, give your careful attention to these 7 things, and watch how your leadership within the small group will grow to its fullest potential.


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