500 Popular Climbers and Creepers

Alison Forsyth, Random House Australia, Ed. Barnard, Ed. Forsyth
While trees and shrubs should always be considered as the framework of a garden, climbers and creepers are essential elements that are not only beautiful, but also very functional, especially in the way in which they soften otherwise harsh structures. They can be grown to use vertical space to give an extra dimension to a garden landscape; or for adding privacy. They provide shade over arches, pergolas and carports, and in small gardens they can be tree substitutes. They can also substitute for shrubs because, without any support to climb on, many climbers and creepers will spread across the ground and become groundcovers, sometimes on a grand scale. Grown this way, they are ideal for hiding old tree stumps, and for converting areas where shrubs and perennials may be hard to establish. This new title, 500 Popular Climbers and Creepers, in the established 500 Popular series, presents a comprehensive selection of well-known favourites for the garden. Climbers and creepers combine well with more traditional groundcovers, so this book includes a few particularly compatible ground covers. As some predominantly climbing genera, such as Clematis, include species that spread rather than climb, some of these are included as well. This easy-to-use guide contains advice for beginners and expert gardeners alike on planting, cultivation, and maintenance. Other titles in this series: 500 Popular Annuals and Perennials 500 Popular Garden Plants 500 Popular Indoor Plants 500 Popular Roses 500 Popular Tropical Plants 500 Popular Shrubs and Trees 500 Popular Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits and Nuts


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