Via Periculosa

Andrew Olimpi
Niceros is a Greek slave on the run in ancient Italy, avoiding capture, and seeking his one true love, Melissa. However, a chance encounter at an inn sets in motion a harrowing chain of events that lead to murder, mayhem, mystery, and a bit of magic. Loosely adapted from the Roman author Petronius, Via Periculosa ("The Dangerous Road") is an exciting and surprising supernatural thriller suitable for Latin readers in the first year of study and beyond.


Reviewed: 2018-10-24

5 stars: The story has a murder mystery component which makes it somewhat spooky. You should read this book if you like mystery. - Kittana Wagener, October 2018 

2 stars: I didn't like thisbook that much because it was too long and never got to the point. It was too long for me because I lose focus. You should read this book if you like suspense and monsters. - Kate Harry, March 2019

4 stars: This book had an interesting plot and doing the chapter questions made it easier to understand. You should read this book if you like adventure and surprises. - Riley Hendrix, December 2019

5 stars: It was very interesting throughout the book. You should read this book if you like mystery and plot change. - Nadhia Garcia, December 2019

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