Baja Catch: A Fishing, Travel & Remote Camping Manual for Baja California (3rd Edition), The

Neil Kelly, Gene Kira, Apples & Oranges
The Baja Catch is a comprehensive "instruction manual" for people who want to take a small boat to Baja California, camp, and launch over the beach for some of the world's best sport fishing. Based on the extensive travels and personal fishing experience of Neil Kelly and Gene Kira, this book tells you about how to pick a boat, how to prepare yourself and your equipment for paved and unpaved roads, how to find a good camp spot, launch your boat, rig your tackle, and most importantly, exactly how to catch lots of fish--almost from the instant your lure hits the water. There is absolutely no "bull" in this book; there are no vague generalities. The Baja Catch is jam-packed with explicit, specific tips and techniques that really catch fish all over Baja California's 2,000-mile coastline.


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