Get It Together: Math Problems for Groups, Grades 4-12

Tim Erickson
You don't have to learn math by yourself! Solving problems in groups is exciting, effective, and equitableit helps all students succeed in math. Get It Together is a collection of over 100 mathematics problems for groups of 26 students. The problems cover a wide range of math topics such as logic, functions, algebra, geometry, measurement, and number patterns at various levels of difficulty. Each problem has the same format: six clue cards provide the information needed to solve a problem. Since each member of the group has a different bit of information, everyone works together to arrive at a solution. In one problem, only some people get sick after eating a potluck meal. Was it the swamp chicken, the cheesecake, or something else? The group collaborates to discover which food was the culprit. This book is an excellent resource with teacher information on cooperative groups, assessment, problem solving and the use of manipulatives.


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