Death Dance

Linda A. Fairstein


Reviewed: 2016-11-17
The latest thriller in Linda Fairsteins Alexandra Cooper series has Cooper reuiniting with old buddy Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace to solve the murder of Natalya Galavano, a dancer with the Royal Ballet. But the book opens up with Cooper interviewing a date rape victim. But the book quickly gets into the meat of the story when Cooper shows up at the Met and they look over the crime scene where Natalya was murdered. Ther investigation leads them to the theater owner Joe Burke. This was a dead end. Like all good mysteries there were several twists and leads that lead to dead ends until Cooper was attacked in her apartment. The investigation also shifted once Burke was found dead. Soon Cooper and Chapman put all the pieces together and find out that Burke's financial status was the motive for a relative to do the dirty deed.
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