Absalom, Absalom! The Corrected Text

William Faulkner
“Read, read, read. Read everything—trash, classics, good and bad, and see how they do it. Just like a carpenter who works as an apprentice and studies the master. Read! You’ll absorb it. Then write. If it is good, you’ll find out. If it’s not, throw it out the window.” —William Faulkner Absalom, Absalom! is Faulkner’s epic tale of Thomas Sutpen, an enigmatic stranger who comes to Jefferson, Mississippi, in the early 1830s to wrest his mansion out of the muddy bottoms of the north Mississippi wilderness. He was a man, Faulkner said, “who wanted sons and the sons destroyed him.”


Reviewed: 2021-01-19
Abandoned after 10%

This is the fourth Faulkner book that I have abandoned; I finished one collection of generally poor short stories. Each book has its own problems but his writing's one unifying factor is that it is poorly done, too many pronouns, too much tell for each show, nothing really to say, poorly if at all planned.

On the positive, sometimes his sentence craft is good. sometimes. I love Cormac McCarthy, I want to like Faulkner but it's just impossible.

Reviewed: 2020-05-21
sharon patricia holland, edouard glissant and hortense spillers oh yeah and fred moten brought me to faulkner but then left me there. my impression from other faulkner readers-- or really a better description is just other people who did or once or twice or had to read faulkner-- is this his other stuff is not a stream of consciousness mess. that's what i get for jumping around the canon without a trusty roadmap. but the loss of roadmap, compass or complete genealogy chart (timeline on last page, tho) is what immerses you helplessly in the traumatic gothic psychological mess of america-- not just the south-- and i'm fourstarring for the moments that are truly brilliant. but chattel slavery is still a downer and although this book is allegedly this well-read american classical monument practically nothing in the mainstream really reflects the evidence of reading, so. what's missing?
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