52 Lists Project: A Year of Weekly Journaling Inspiration, The

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Create 52 lists, one for every week of the year, that will help you discover the beauty, joy, creativity, and power you already have! The 52 Lists Project is a gorgeous journal for list lovers, based on the popular blog series by Moorea Seal. This beautiful undated journal of weekly lists will help nurture self-expression and self-development. Each seasonal section includes list prompts, with plenty of space to write your own lists, and challenges to help you take action and make your dreams a reality. With perfectly timed prompts that meet you where you are throughout the different seasons, this journal will open up new avenues of self-knowledge and help you celebrate, enjoy, and take ownership of your life, as each week of the year becomes more thoughtful and vibrant.


Reviewed: 2021-03-15
I was gifted this beautiful book by one of my dearest friends last Christmas. Each week this year I wrote a list based on the prompt (I love lists). The take it further section was brilliant and although I didn’t do that each week it helped me to experience the year in a different way. Such a beautiful gift.
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