Assessing SpanishñEnglish Bilingual Preschoolers: A Guide to Best Approaches and Measures

Sandra Barrueco, Michael L=pez Ph.D., Christine Ong Ph.D., Patricia Lozano M.A.
As the population of young dual language learners continues to rise, how can early childhood professionals choose culturally and linguistically appropriate assessments for Spanish–English bilingual preschoolers? They'll get expert guidance in this one-of-a-kind resource, a comprehensive roundup and analysis of 37 developmental assessments available in English and Spanish. The only guide that examines specific early childhood bilingual measures, this book gives professionals detailed reviews culled from the highly respected authors' extensive research and comparative analyses. For each measure, program administrators, curriculum developers, SLPs, and other professionals willget an at-a-glance snapshot of key characteristics, including age range, cost, domains measured, and time requirementsevaluate major strengths and weaknesseseasily compare the English and Spanish versions across cultural, linguistic, and psychometric propertieslearn the basics of administration and scoringinvestigate technical data, including standardization, norming, validity, and reliabilitysee if the tool includes adaptations and accommodations for children with disabilitiesreview the results of relevant studies that used the measure To help professionals conduct the most effective assessments, the book also includes research-based strategies and solid background information. Readers will get a helpful overview of bilingual language development, general guidelines on selecting measures for young dual language learners, and tips on administering assessments with awareness of and respect for cultural and linguistic influences. An essential resource to support informed decision-making, this invaluable guide will help professionals choose culturally and linguistically appropriate early childhood assessments that accurately capture the abilities of young dual language learners.A featured book in our Successful Screening and Assessment Kit!See which domain of school readiness in the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework this book addresses.


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