Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works Limited Edition Blu-ray Box Set 1

Fuyuki City - a city surrounded by the sea and mountains becomes the setting for an ancient ritual. Seven masters are given control of heroic spirits in order to realize the mythical Holy Grail, which is said to grant its owner any wish. These heroic spirits or servants represent legendary heroes of various classes: "Saber," "Lancer," "Archer," "Rider," "Caster," "Assassin," and "Berserker." Each master will enter into a contract with their chosen servant and battle the others to the death until only one pair remains... This is the "Holy Grail War." The young and capable mage, Rin Tohsaka, prepares for her long-awaited Fifth Holy Grail War to begin... With her servant Archer, Rin enters the Holy Grail War as the sole heir to the prestigious Tohsaka family after her father's death. But when Shirou Emiya, a boy from Rin's school, unwittingly becomes a Master and is fatally wounded in battle, she has no choice but to save him. With Shirou and his servant Saber, Rin sets out to strike down the conspiracies surrounding the Holy Grail War. Will the Holy Grail bless Rin and Shirou's path toward victory or will they be cursed with defeat? Contains episodes 0-12 plus the first original soundtrack, a 24-page booklet, and an exclusive Weiss Schwarz collectible PR card, all in a rigid box illustrated by the original character designer, Takashi Takeuchi. (Card only available while supplies last.) Special Features: Textless Opening and Ending, Trailer/TV Spot/CM/PV Collections. Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles, Spanish subtitles.


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