Be Not Afraid: A Book of Quotes for Catholic Men

Sam Guzman
The Holy Catholic Church has produced thousands upon thousands of saints. Among them were countless authentic men who knew that holiness is the highest calling, the supreme vocation of every man. Some were swashbuckling soldiers like St. Ignatius Loyola. Others were converted Lotharios like St. Augustine. Still others were peaceful hermits like St. Peter Damian. Though they have long since been laid to rest, the heroic lives of these men still shake the world. And these men still speak to us today. They teach us how to be courageous, how to suffer, how to grow in virtue, and ultimately, how to find God, the true end of every man. These are their words. "Nearly all our social crises can be chalked up to a crisis in manhood. Problems like rampant pornography, juvenile delinquency, and dwindling marriage rates can only be solved if virtuous men rise up and embrace their manly call. Be Not Afraid is the stew to feed this uprising. If you’re a man who wants to live a more noble and heroic life, drink up these quotes and let them saturate your mind and heart." – Brandon Vogt, author and blogger at "Knowing and following Jesus is not easy. We Catholic men are bombarded from all sides with temptations and distractions, all seeking to derail our path to manly holiness. No one knows Christ better than the saints, and in “Be Not Afraid: A Book of Quotes for Catholic Men”, Sam Guzman has provided us with an invaluable collection of powerful quotes from the great saints of the Church, men like Pope St. John Paul II, St. Augustine, St. Padre Pio, and St. John Vianney. Pick this book up, take it with you wherever you go, read it in a spare moment when you need encouragement to live in a heroically virtuous way." – Devin Rose, author and blogger at St. Joseph’s Vanguard. "I’ve always enjoyed following the Catholic Gentleman for the wonderful images and inspiring quotes from the saints. Some of my favorite quotes from the Early Church Fathers I actually saw first on his blog. So I’m very excited to have all of these quotes here together!" – Daniel “Bearman” Stewart, blogger at


Reviewed: 2017-01-05

This book is for when you are looking for inspiration in small doses. I liked that it was arranged by theme. 

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