Central and Eastern Europe

Cornell University
Nested within this kit there are general Eastern European items and smaller bags with country specific objects. The general items include: Hungarian, Estonian, Slovenian, Romanian, Latvian, Czech, and Polish flags. A corn husk angel, jar of grape molasses, jar of jam, two hand painted wooden eggs, three paper works of art, two hand stitched table mats, and a map of Eastern Europe. For Armenian items: an Armenian alphabet puzzle. For Polish items: a jar of Polish dill pickles, hand painted coasters, jar of gooseberry jam, mug from Warsaw, two maps of Krakow, five maps of Warsaw, a postcard of Bohemia, Polish money, three travel guides about Krakow, and a travel flyer for Matopolska. Hungarian items include: a chocolate box with a picture of Budapest, a wooden flute, wooden hand painted egg and egg cup, two CDs of traditional music, a flower patch for clothing, a ceramic cup and plate, two tea bags, paprika and a hand painted wooden spoon, erasers from Budapest, a cloth map of Hungary, money, a calendar of traditional clothing, and a pamphlet from a traditional restaurant. For Slovakia: three mugs from Presov, a traditional wooden mug, a wooden noise maker. For the Czech Republic: paper cutouts of Praha, two maps of Prague, a menu from a traditional restaurant, a traditional beer label, a calendar with pictures of Prague, wooden nesting dolls, four wooden toys, money, a pencil, a travel pamphlet for Prague, and a Travel book for the Czech Republic. There are also a variety of books and information packets to accompany the materials.


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