10 Stories of Collective Housing by A+t Research Group

Aurora Fernandez Per, Javier Mozas, Alex S. Ollero
For the first time ever, a+t research group has conducted an analysis of ten inspiring masterpieces through drawings and texts highlighting the most important contributions made by each of the architects towards developing desirable housing. The book recognizes masters such as Ignazio Gardella, Jean Renaudie, Ralph Erskine and Fumihiko Maki, among others, who defended their own personal vision of architecture, a far reach from dogmatism and closer to users. Each story is a journey through multiple possible links which relate the project with works that preceded it, set it against those of its generation and match it up with recent 21st century designs. This is neither a canonical list of buildings nor the top ten of collective housing. They were chosen as one chooses one s friends. Faults and all, they make everything worthwhile.


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