Bug World: An Action-Packed Fantasy Adventure Set in a World of Gigantic Bugs

Andy Dixon
Go buggy for the ultimate future fantasy, a wild ride in a fantastic theme park, a trip into fabulously illustrated pages bursting with pictures and with flaps to open! Welcome to Bug World, where the insects are big, the visitors are trapped, and things are out of control. Thanks to the evil WaspWars, who planted growth pods everywhere, gigantic bugs run amok. And, if they ever break out, it could spell the end of mankind....So—now YOU’RE our biggest hope. Here’s what you’ve got to do! • Join the team of experts: test your cunning and nerve as you travel through terrifying landscapes (like the Eucalyptus Forest and African Grasslands)• Solve the puzzles and find the clues that will help you rescue the people in the park• Collect the growth pods-so the bugs can become normal once again. • Count the insects! (After all...you wouldn’t want one to escape, would you?)Good luck—you’ll need it and we need you!


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