Fury's Kiss

Karen Chance


Reviewed: 2018-03-15

I enjoy Dory.  Put off this one too long because starts with a chapter where she has memory loss (just not personally my favorite plot device).  I shouldn't have.  It gets away from that quickly and then a rousing story start to finish.


A lot of Dory in this one with lots of other characters almost in cameo positions and new ones more in the front.  So, good thing I like Dory.  More senate and fey politics, more about her other self, and absolutely more family dynamics (even some mushy moments).  Thankfully more of Louis Cesare and their relationship moves forward.  


I'm not always a fan of the romance parts of UF books, but Cesare has certainly proven himself so was routing for them.


I finished the book happy with how everything from relationships, worldbuilding, plot lines, character catch-ups, and most "mysteries" were resolved except for that opening chapter memory loss.  Oh, that was resolved -- just not done well in my opinion.  Nor badly enough to spoil the read at all -- just didn't flow that well with rest of book where I guess I was right to side eye the memory loss opening.


Will be reading more in the series.

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