English Roses: Classic Favorites and New Selections, The

David Austin
"The rose has always been the best loved of all garden flowers. With the English Rose our aim has been, quite simply, to breed a more beautiful rose on a more beautiful shrub." - David Austin Exquisite photographs of Austin's beloved blooms grace every page of The English Roses. David Austin revolutionized rose gardening by restoring the viability and popularity of the Old Roses. In this book, he introduces 40 recently developed varieties in addition to 40 of his best-loved and time-tested favorites. Here David Austin tells the compelling story of how he set out to create the English Roses and presents an entirely new classification, which helps rose enthusiasts to better understand and appreciate their great diversity. The book also features: The distinctive qualities and fragrances of English Roses The original Old Rose Hybrids Musk Hybrids, Alba Hybrids and 'The Leander Group' Climbing Roses, Cut-Flower Roses Growth habits, flower form, foliage, and name origin Valuable cultivation tips Austin's favorite garden designs Tips forcutting and arranging roses.


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