Can't do it in Europe

Charlotta Copcutt, Anna Weitz, and Anna Klara Ahrén
Watch Online: With a Lonely Planet travel guide under his arm and a rucksack on his back, the individualist traveller insists on distinguishing himself from the masses on their package-deal holidays. “Can´t do it in Europe” reports on this sub-branch of tourist species, which can now be found in increasing numbers in the most remote corners of the world. Destination: Potosí, Bolivia, where real miners in original 19th-century working gear toil in the silver mines – under 19th-century conditions happens to be the main tourist attration. But what are the intentions of the tourists? Is it about getting to know a foreign culture or about escaping boredom at home by seeking distraction in the third world What are the consecquenses of this kind of tourism, and how do the miners feel about being watched? This documentary raises many questions and discribes the principles of a mobile and globalised class-based society: We travel – you work.


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