Government and Politics in Africa, Fourth Edition

William Tordoff
Praise for previous editions:"... a wonderfully comprehensive yet succinct textbook on African politics." —Third World Quarterly"[W]ritten with an economy of language and a breadth of knowledge rarely found in political science writings.... Tordoff’s interpretations will be respected by scholars from diverse perspectives." —International Journal of African Historical StudiesThe fourth edition of Government and Politics in Africa examines the experience of African states following the emergence of pro-democracy movements from the late 1980s to the present. This fully revised volume examines a wide range of issues and institutions, including multi-party elections and their democratic and authoritarian outcomes; privatization and the market economy; corruption, ethnic and clan rivalry, and religious fundamentalism; state collapse and civil war; the role of regional and Africa-wide organizations; debt relief, structural adjustment, and poverty alleviation; the spread of HIV/AIDS; the role and status of women; and Africa’s marginalization in the global economy.


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