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Libib is a website & app that catalogs books, movies, music, and video games

Create & Share Your Collection

Our library management service caters to both home and small organizational libraries. Our online software lets you create multiple libraries, catalog books, movies, music, and video games, lets you create tags, leave notes, import/export, and much more. Libib is the best system for cataloging your media available online.

Library Management

Whether you have 50 items or 100,000 items, your library is precious. With libib, managing your private library of books, movies, music & video games is a snap. Each user can have up to 100 different libraries!

Automatic Information

Scan, search, or enter an ISBN/UPC and libib automatically retrieves that item's cover art and all pertinent information.


Post, discuss, and follow your friends and discover with libib!

We offer a fantastic way for you to share your thoughts on books, music, movies and video games with other libib users.

Meaningful Statistics

You create useful data the second you begin cataloging, and that data can say a lot. Check out your reading, purchasing, and rating stats at a glance. Not to mention we regularly add new stats!

Scan your Items!

For a cost-efficient option, we recommend this 2D handheld laser barcode scanner.

Or simply use the libib mobile app for iPhone or Android to scan and catalog your items.

Import/Export Libraries

Exporting your entire library using a CSV (comma-separated values) file allows for easy backups. A great way to help identify your assets for insurance purposes. You can can also import your entire library from another source!

Publish and Review Items

Libib makes it easy to publish libraries for everyone to view. You can also review your items for the public to read and did we mention we offer half stars!

Tags & Notes

Categorize your items using our tagging system; no need for layers of sub-categories, everything is accessible and categorized by tags. Use notes to write a private synopsis or keep track of additional meta data.

Manage Libib Anywhere

Use our website, mobile website, or apps to manage your libraries whenever, wherever.

Keep your Inventory

Oh horrors! Someone has broken in your house and stolen all your Blu-rays and DVDs... well with a quick export of your library, you now have a complete list of every item you owned.

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