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You can track your entire library for free and we'll NEVER take that from you. However, if you're craving our ever-expanding extras, Libib Pro has you covered!

For organizations and school districts that need a way to manage multiple accounts with a centralized dashboard, Libib has created a new product offering: Libib District. Learn More

Libib Basic

Perfect for home libraries. Built for personal collections — FREE!
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No credit card required, no advertisements, and we promise to not sell/share your data. We wish more fine print was like this.
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Libib Pro

Upgraded for schools, organizations & power users.
$9/month or $99/year
* Add $2 / month or $24 / year for each additional library manager. No additional costs or fees. Price in United States Dollars (USD).
Libib Pro Upgrade
Website Basic Pro
Catalog limit YesUp to 5,000 items YesUp to 100,000 items
Collection limit YesUp to 100 collections YesUp to 100 collections
Automatic meta data Yes Yes
Cloud sync Yes Yes
Beautiful statistics Yes Yes
Mix media together Yes Yes
Account switching Yes Yes
Publish a list of your items Yes Yes
Create online reviews Yes Yes
Import / export your collection Yes Yes
Choose light or dark theme Yes Yes
Keep detailed, searchable notes Yes Yes
Tagging, grouping, basic editing Yes Yes
Ability to edit all field data No Yes
Batch editing No Yes
Multi-user management * No Yes
Lending / Circulation system No Yes
Restore deleted items/collections/patrons, up to 30 days No Yes
Unlimited patrons No Yes
Search all collections at once No Yes
Exportable CSV reports No Yes
History log No Yes
Custom branding/colors for published library and kiosk No Yes
Require patron login for a published library No Yes
Interactive published library with multiple layout options No Yes
Patron self-checkouts & holds No Yes
Patron email notifications No Yes
Manager / Patron management via REST API No Yes
Add books by Library of Congress Number No Yes
DDC, LCC and LCCN for books No Yes
Lexiles No Yes
Auto-generated and managed custom barcodes (QR) No Yes
Custom barcode (QR) label printing interface No Yes
Web based Kiosk No Yes
App Basic Pro
iOS Yes Yes
Android Yes Yes
Browse your collections anywhere Yes Yes
Lightning fast camera scanner Yes Yes
Choose light or dark theme Yes Yes
Lending / circulation No Yes
Basic patron management No Yes
Basic holds management No Yes
View item covers in list view No Yes
Kiosk App Basic Pro
iOS No Yes
Android No Yes
Patron self-checkout No Yes
Built-in camera scanner No Yes
Custom barcode recognition No Yes
ISBN / UPC recognition No Yes
Manual barcode lookup No Yes

What Does Libib Pro Offer?

The best way for you to harness your library's potential!

Multi-user Management

Create additional managers ($2/per/mo) and grant them access to specific collections in your account, or make a manager an admin so they have full rights across all collections!


Create unlimited patrons and lend out your items. A central page in Libib helps you keep track of all items that have been lent out. Set due dates, lend out multiple items at a time, and check items back in. We have an app for that too!

Expanded Search

Search all your collections at once. With the click of a button, you can expand your search from a single collection to all those in your account.

Searchable Published Library

Your published collections can be searched by your patrons.

Patron Email Notifications

Automatically email your patrons reminding them of an upcoming or past due date.

Holds and Checkouts

Allow patrons to place items on hold, or checkout directly from your published page.

Batch Edit

Select multiple items within a collection and edit them together. Combine searching and filtering to narrow results!

Add Books by Library of Congress Number

It's true! You can look-up books using its LCCN.


Most of our books will display this information, and we're constantly updating. We do not provide this info for video games, music or movies, but we do let you add them yourself!

Edit Everything

Edit all the metadata for any of your items!

Custom Barcodes

We auto-generate QR barcodes for every copy of an item, which you can print on labels using our label generator.


Brand your public page with your logo, color, and website info.

This only scratches the surface. Want to see more?

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