Security Policy

We're dedicated to keeping your data safe.

We protect your data

All data are written to multiple disks instantly, backed up daily, and backups are stored in multiple locations.

Regularly-updated infrastructure

Our software infrastructure is updated regularly with the latest security patches. Our products run on a network with firewalls and are carefully monitored. While perfect security is a moving target, we work hard to keep up with the state-of-the-art in web security.

Your data via HTTPS

Whenever your data are in transit between you and us, everything is encrypted, and sent using HTTPS. Your data is also encrypted at rest.

We protect your billing information

All transactions are taken care of by Stripe, an industry leading payment processor. None of your payment data is stored on our servers. Card information is transmitted, stored, and processed securely on a PCI-Compliant network.

Operating for over 9 years

Longevity and stability is core to our mission at Libib.