Remnants of PICA's Ford Econoline , The

A white foamcore box containing the remnants of PICA's longtime favorite vehicle, the white Ford Econoline. Box contains: One headlight bulb. One crow feather. One sprig dried sage with thread. One chunk moss. One seatbelt buckle, insert. One seatbelt buckle, slot. One piece seat vinyl. One "City of Portland" parking fee receipt. One sticker, cheetah. One event flyer, "PICA TURNS 16!" One glow-in-the-dark shooting star, plastic. One hand written note: "I'm really sorry - I hit your bumper while parking (it caught on mine) - text or call Annie 503-709-8366" One set of two keys, on two key rings. One single key on single key ring. One "Ford" branded grill ornament, plastic. One State of Oregon license plate, "LVC 807," yellow, with 2015 tag no. A5976774. One crystal point, quartz. One fuse. One square carpet. One plastic detail, "ECONOLINE". One automobile cigarette lighter, used. Six sleeves containing various images, exhibition fliers, postings related to PICA produced events, in a clear-tape matrix. One exhibition sign: "Please Use Caution: Display Case is Fragile"


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