Career Opportunities Working With Animals

Shelly Field
Careers for animal lovers from training dogs to managing a zoo.There are many different types of careers for those interested in working with animals. On the local level, workers can groom and train household pets, walk dogs, run a pet store, or work in an animal shelter. Other opportunities exist in monitoring and managing wildlife, working with farm animals, and advocating for humane treatment of animals. Employment of veterinarians in particular is projected to increase by 33 percent through 2018, a much faster than average rate of growth, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.Career Opportunities Working with Animals describes more than 80 occupations in such animal-related fields as veterinary medicine; shelters, sanctuaries, and refuges; veterinary offices/hospitals/clinics; animal advocacy organizations; care and conservation of wildlife; zoos and aquariums; creative careers; pet care, training, and grooming; pet food, pet supply, and pet merchandise stores; and horses. Appendixes include Colleges and Universities; Zoos, Aquariums, and Sanctuaries; Animal Advocacy Organizations; United States Thoroughbred Race Tracks; United States Harness Racing Tracks; Trade Associations; and Career and Job Web Sites.Career profiles include:-Animal advocacy organization publicist -Animal treatment investigator -Aquarist -Dog trainer -Entertainment industry animal trainer -Jockey -Pet food and supply store manager -Shelter manager -Small animal veterinarian -Veterinary technician -Wildlife rehabilitator -Zoo director.


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