Best of Roald Dahl, The

Roald Dahl
This collection brings together Dahl's finest work, illustrating his genius for the horrific and grotesque which is unparalleled. "Dahl has the mastery of plot and characters possessed by great writers of the past, along with a wildness and wryness of his own. One of his trademarks is writing beautifully about the ugly, even the horrible."--Los Angeles Times"An ingenious imagination, a fascination with odd and ordinary detail, and a lust for its thorough exploitation are the...strengths of Dahl's storytelling."--New York Times Book Review


Reviewed: 2015-10-17
The title might be misleading... But a good place to start if you have no idea who Dahl is... Well no, if you have no idea who Dahl is you are probably still young a wee child, so you might want to start on his stories for children which are truly and utterly great... Better then playing computer games or facebooking, better even then playing footie or cricket in the park (well OK, maybe not better then that, but beats playing games in the park on a rainy day)...
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