Jack Sholder
He has 24 hours to save the world... again! In this dazzling sci-fi thriller, office employee Barry Thomas is caught in a "time bounce" caused by a glitch in the company's secret project. Now the same day occurs again and again - and Barry's the only one who can do anything about it, including saving the life of beautiful research assistant Lisa Fredericks. Perfect for fans of Groundhog Day and Back to the Future, this critically-acclaimed cult favorite is finally on DVD for the first time! Dynamic cast: Jonathan Silverman (Weekend at Bernie's, TV's The Single Guy), Helen Slater (City Slickers, Ruthless People, Supergirl), Martin Landau (Academy Award winner for Ed Wood, TV's The X-Files, Space: 1999), Jeremy Piven (Golden Globe nominee for HBO's Entourage, Old School, Scary Movie 3, TV's Ellen) Directed by Jack Sholder (Alone in the Dark)


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