American War

Omar El Akkad


Reviewed: 2018-07-19

This review might possibly considered a spoiler, so be warned.


One of the reasons I loved this book is because it is not another "everything gets resolved at the end" story. The ticking time bomb didn't get defused at the last minute. So, a different end than the usual fare.


The story's pacing goes through hills and valleys. Intense at places and dull at others. And in between these two extremes, we have snippets of lives of people living in this war torn land. Those are gritty and down to earth at the same time. Sarat and her cute antiques in the first half were endearing. Her world flipping 180 in the second half was equally heartbreaking. 


If I have to nitpick, I would say Sarat's capture and torture and release - all of that felt very rushed. Some more time could've been spent there. And Sarat's final revenge... I wish the actual execution was a longer chapter. 


Narration was mostly alright. But the female voices weren't convincing. 

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