Absolute Basics of Christianity, The

Pete Pawelek
The Absolute Basics of Christianity is a Bible study workbook designed for believers at all stages of spiritual growth and maturity. These lessons can be used in small groups or as a self-study for those who desire to learn more about their faith and take a fresh look at the basics of the Christian faith. Each week's lessons center around one basic theme of the Christian faith. To help students remember the content, Pastor Pete uses the English alphabet as part of his systematic approach for this study. The weekly topics for volume one include, Assurance of Salvation, Baptism, Church, Discipleship, Evangelism, Forgiveness, Gifts, Heaven and Hell, I Am, Joy, Kingdom, Love, and Money. Each topic is further broken down into four individual lessons that are jam-packed with Scripture references. This will challenge readers to explore God's Word with their own Bibles. After completing the individual studies during the week students are then ready to connect, engage, and learn even more in their small group time. The Absolute Basics of Christianity's thirteen-week study is Biblically centered Theologically enlightening Spiritually engaging By the end of this study, students will have memorized passages of Scripture and learned Bible study techniques, along with self-discipline. They will also know how to share their faith and be able to explain what they believe to others. Furthermore, through the process of looking up Scripture in their own Bibles, students who are unfamiliar with the Bible will learn to navigate their way through God's Word. Thousands have used The Absolute Basics of Christianity to gain confidence, knowledge, and the ability to explain their faith to those who have yet to believe. All believers who desire to grow and mature in their faith should consider completing the lessons in The Absolute Basics of Christianity at some point in their Christian walk.


Reviewed: 2020-04-04
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