Corporate Mystic: A Guidebook for Visionaries with Their Feet on the Ground, The

Gay Hendricks, Kate Ludeman
Who will succeed in the twenty first century?Today's creative business leaders already know the answer and it's not about cutting overhead downsizing or meeting next quarter's budget.  Corporateleaders of the twenty-first century will be spiritual leaders-- grounded in vision, integrity and intuition--and they will know how to nurture thesequalities in others.Gay Hendricks and Kate Ludeman have been training top executives for more than twenty-five years.  They have distilled the experience of the hundred wisestbusinessmen and women they know into nuggets of just-in-time wisdom that take no more than a minute or two to read.  You will discover:*       The twelve qualities of twenty-first-century leaders*       How to make breakthrough decisions with intuitive ease*       The visionary's ability to think twenty years down the line*       How to spot and correct integrity problems in your organization*       How to create a mind-set of prosperity in yourself and your companyDrawing on insights and observations from legendary CEOs like Bob Galvin ofMotorola and Ed McCracken of Silicon Graphics, The Corporate Mystic alsooffers spirited solutions to the day-in, day-out problems of business.  You'll learn what these visionaries with their feet on the ground say about:*       Giving and receiving honest feedback*       Ending destructive turf battles*       High-firing people who drain your energy*       Handling big wins and big losses*       Protecting your creative think-time*       And much much more.Whether you're a new hire or already division chief The Corporate Mystic is a book to nourish your soul and light your path to professionalsuccess.


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