16 Lighthouse Road (Cedar Cove, Book 1)

Debbie Macomber
Book club-published hardcover edition of the bestselling romance novel.


Reviewed: 2018-05-13
16 Lighthouse Road by Debbie Macomber, Ian Randall was out at sea when his young wife Cecilia gave birth to a baby with a faulty heart. Not long afterward, Cecilia stands alone burying their daughter. Unable to cope, Cecilia and Ian agree to divorce, but Cedar Cove, Washington Family Court Judge Olivia Lockhart denies their request. She believes the pain is clouding their decisions and both remain in love with each other.The new Cedar Cove Chronicle editor Jack Griffin attended the court on the day that Olivia issued her shocking ruling in the Randall case. He writes a laudatory editorial praising the decision. Jack wants to start seeing Olivia, who he admires for her courage and conviction to avoid the easy road of granting the divorce decree. However, he has quite a road to travel, as she has never recovered from her divorce. Meanwhile her mother interferes in her cases and her daughter drives her crazy while her son joins the navy. This is a normal scenario for Judge Lockhart.
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