Notes of the Past

Jodie Larson
I love women. And it's easy to see why. Being the lead guitarist for the country's hottest band, Lightning Strikes, has them practically jumping into my bed and walking out the door just as quick. Which is perfect for me. Emotions complicate things, and I don't do complicated. Not anymore.Sure, I was in love once, and it was great. Then it was gone. That's when I vowed never again. Life is better without empty, broken promises.After five years of hard work, sacrifices, and determination, everything I've ever wanted is in my grasp: a successful career, touring city after city and being accountable to no one.Then she starts appearing in the crowds. The girl I once loved, and who walked away.Only, Tatum Mitchell wasn't just any girl; she was my girl.Will she be the wedge that drives the last part of my heart away, or will she break down the walls I've built? We're connected through the lyrics of our heart and the notes of our past, but is that enough?


Reviewed: 2019-09-07

I liked the way it stated. Didn’t like the reason she stayed away. Didn’t like the hot and cold it was annoying. Didn’t like the days ending. Needed more. 

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