Redwall (Tale of Redwall)

Brian Jacques
Redwall Abbey, tranquil home to a community of peace-loving mice is threatened by Cluny the Scourge - the evil-one-eyed rat warlord - and his battle-hardened horde of predators. Cluny is certain that Redwall will fall easily to his fearsome army but he hasn't bargained for the courage and strength of the combined forces of the Redwall mice and their loyal woodland friends...


Reviewed: 2021-04-29

The Sparrows are the best, foolworms. Definitely drags a bit. The oral storytelling method makes it really heavy on detail in the beginning, then all the action gets condensed. There are also far too many characters. But I expect it gets better from here.

Reviewed: 2018-06-03
Redwall was highly entertaining and well written. Although the book is primarily for younger audiences, I still found it to be delightfully fun and endearing.
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