Captivated: Finding Freedom in a Media Captive Culture

Phillip Telfer & Colin Gunn
WE ARE SURROUNED BY SCREENS. Have we entered a techno utopia or a virtual prison? Should we be celebrating unreservedly or should we be cautious and skeptical? Is it the greatest leap in productivity or the biggest setback from the things most meaningful in life? Has today's connectivity drawn us closer to one another or strangely more disjointed? Is our social experience richer and deeper or more shallow and artificial? Is it all of these things or none of them? Discover insightful answers to these questions from media experts, church leaders, and inspiring individuals and families from across the country. Most importantly you will discover how God's word addresses the unique media challenges we face today. Special appearance by Kerby Anderson, Dr. Ted Baehr, Mark Bauerlein, Phil Chalmers, Ray Comfort, Dr. Dimitrie Christakis, Trace Embry, Melissa Henson, Maggie Jackson, Al Menconi, Dr. David Murray, Dr. Jeff Myers, Raul Ries, Dick Rolfe, Joe Schimmel, Kevin Swanson, Bob Waliszewski, Dr. David Walsh, Major Phil Willis, Tim Winter AND KP Yohannan 107 min, Plus 2 hours of bonus features! "Deft and powerful" ~Parents Television Council


Reviewed: 2015-01-10
Many people are wondering about the decline of this generation. This video is a warning to parents about how much tv and entertainment they should allow their children to watch.


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