ADHD Diagnosis and Management: A Practical Guide for the Clinic and the Classroom

Mark Wolraich M.D., George DuPaul Ph.D.
Effective, integrated care across clinical, classroom, and home settings: that's what every student with ADHD needs to achieve academic and social success. Now professionals have one complete, highly accessible guide to delivering this kind of coordinated treatment for children in Grades 1–8. Aligned with the AAP's new guidelines for ADHD management, this essential resource is the key to developing a comprehensive treatment program—one that combines the expertise of school psychologists, educators, primary care providers, and the child's family. Professionals will get practical, research-based guidelines that help with every stage of ADHD management, includingconducting universal and individual screening for ADHD and comorbid disordersaccurately diagnosing ADHD using in-depth information from parents and the other professionals who work with the childusing today's most effective interventions for ADHD, with detailed discussion of both psychotropic medications and behavioral strategies in home and school settingsdeveloping successful classroom-based strategies that combine the contributions of teachers, parents, peers, and the child himselfmanaging the functional impairments associated with ADHD, including difficulties with academic performance and relationships with peers and authority figuresadopting a family-centered approach, so parents are true partners in the diagnosis and management of ADHDmaintaining open, coordinated communication between the family, primary care provider, educators, mental health clinicians, and other professionals To support the whole team as they work toward a solid plan for ADHD management, this guidebook also includes annotated lists of research articles, websites, and books that address the needs of every team member—including teachers, health professionals, and families. And because the book is reader friendly and free of field-specific jargon, it's the one ADHD resource that helps a wide range of professionals understand each other's roles and work together effectively. An ideal professional development resource for clinicians and educators, this book will help every adult in a child's life contribute to coordinated ADHD care that really improves outcomes.


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