After the Holocaust

Howard Greenfeld
With excerpts from personal interviews and more than sixty-five of the survivors' own black-and-white photographs as well as archival pictures, Howard Greenfeld's landmark book presents an important chapter in history: the story of young men and women after the Holocaust.Ann, George, Civia, Alicia, Akiva, Judith, Larry, and Tonia. In many ways, these young people are just like all of us. But their stories are extraordinary, because they lived through one of the unspeakable tragedies in human history -- the Holocaust of World War II.On May 8, 1945, when the Allies announced the unconditional surrender of Germany, the war in Europe was over. But the stories of these eight young survivors were far from over. Often adrift and alone, they found themselves fighting to survive in a world that didn't always want them and didn't know where they belonged.In their own words, these Holocaust survivors describe their journeys after liberation, from hiding places and concentration camps through displaced persons camps, illicit border crossings, emigration, and beyond.


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