Human Mind: The Complete Series, The (DVD)

Diana Hill, Johanna Gibbon & Nick Murphy
Hosted by Prof. Robert Winston, this follow up to the ground-breaking series The Human Body combines cutting edge science with extraordinary experiments and inspiring human stories. The Human Mind takes a pioneering journey through the unexplored galaxy inside our heads. Enlightening, uplifting and innovative, this series reveals the science behind the workings of the human mind – and how we can make the most of its remarkable capabilities. Each programme provides a fascinating insight into the miracle of our brain and how we use it. Dazzling graphics explore the deepest recesses of our thoughts and impulses, including how our personalities are formed throughout our lives and how our minds work to win friends and influence people. By exploring the science behind the workings of the human mind, each episode reveals what we can do to make the most of its remarkable capability – including how to literally ‘think faster’ and even master our most powerful emotions.


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