Jumanji (DVD) - double DVD with Zathura

(Jamunji) Joe Johnston (Zathura) Jon Favreau
Disc 1 - Jamunji: The adventure begins when a young boy is trapped by a magical board game in a world gone wild, but the real story unfolds 26 years later, when he escapes only to bring the game into our world. Comedy, thrills, eye-popping special effects and Robin Williams at his very best combine in one of the most imaginative movies ever made. Then, the action shifts from the deep, dark jungle to deepest space Disc 2 - Zathura: Two brothers discover a game that launches them into an adventure beyond their wildest imagination. From the popular books by Chris Van Allsburg (author of The Polar Express), these two big screen escapades are a DVD double feature that promises hours of fun for the whole family.


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