1st MN. .Second To None, The

Richard G. Krom
The First major book written in ten years dealing with the heroic 1st Minnesota Regiment in the Civil War. This is the story of one of the most famous regiments of that great conflict. Through the never before published 218 letters of Private Edward H. Bassett, interwoven in an engrossing historical narrative, the story of this glorious unit is told as never before. This is the tale of the daily strugggles of the men, who with undaunted courage, fought in 34 battles and 61 engagements during their three years of duty. Now, you can experience the rigors of marching in the broiling sun, struggling through knee deep mud and standing your ground in battle. These letters and the accompanying narrative provide an illuminating look into the daily life of the common soldier, on the march, in camp and on the battlefield. A high quality hardbound edition of 730 pages, including 140 period illustrations, a full index and a detailed chronology of the First Minnesota Regiment's service.


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