Anne Boleyn and Me (My Royal Story)

Alison Prince
When the King came riding in on his big, black horse, a murmur went up, because his tunic was stitched with the words, DECLARE I DARE NOT. All the ladies were giggling behind their hands, and I asked Mama what it meant. Her face had turned quite pink and she said, \"Never mind,\" so I asked Rosanna later. She told me the words meant the King has a new love, but he dares not say her name. But everyone knows her name, of course. It is Anne Boleyn


Reviewed: 2016-05-31
This is a great story about the infamous Anne Boleyn as told in diary form by her lady-in-waiting, Elinor Valjean. Elinor starts writing in her diary when she is only eleven years old and Anne Boleyn has just caught the eye of King Henry VIII. It ends eleven years later when Anne is beheaded. Simply written, easy to read and with wonderful historical detail, this story gives a great insight into the life of the Tudors. Looking forward to reading more books in this series.
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