Anxiety in college students

Benjamin Ayres and Michelle Bristow, editors
This book describes the aetiology, prevalence and frequency of anxiety disorders among college students. An overview of stress among students in developing countries is given, and how it may affect the emergence of certain diseases, such as cancer and diabetes. The effects of disclosure of past stressful events in students is also examined as well as the variables that point to the emotional processing of certain events. This book reviews the coping, mental health status, and current life regret in college women who differ in their lifetime pregnancy status. In addition, the association between gender differences and proneness to depression among college students is examined, including the risk factors (such as anxiety) in the development of depression. Furthermore, the factors that lie behind students' motivated behaviour and academic goals are addressed. Finally, the current alcohol and tobacco use in pharmacy studies is reviewed as well as the ways in which to prevent further alcohol and drug abuse among these students.


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