Call to Brilliance, The

Resa Steindel Brown, Matthew Brown (Cover Design by), Nancy A. Tohl (Editor), William Glasser (Foreword by), Joseph Chilton Pearce (Introduction by)
In an engaging memoir, award-winning educator, Resa Steindel Brown is drawn to the astonishing discovery that all children are born brilliant. With insightful commentary, she recalls her own trials as a student and teacher in our industrial, one-size-fits-all educational system. Then she encounters the needs of her young son. Finding a fit is like trying to stuff an odd-shaped child into a square hole. The love for her child propels her on a journey that sweeps her own children, and the children around her, into a learning environment driven by joy, exuberance and passion instead of heartbreak and defeat. Unable to read until ages nine and ten, they entered college at eleven and twelve, became systems administrators, chief technology officers, trained with the Berlin Opera and Hamburg Ballet, created digital images used in the film ?Lord of the Rings,? presented software solutions to TRW, Pac Bell, Industrial Light & Magic, NSA, Sony, and more, all before the ages of eighteen. The Call to Brilliance shows parents and educators how to redirect children's challenges into strengths, discover children's interests, fuel their interests into passions, and their passions into brilliance.


Reviewed: 2020-11-30

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