101 Tips for Graduates

Susan Morem
Praise for the previous edition:"...a straightforward guide to help students adjust to the workplace..."—Reference & Research Book News "...a detailed and clearly organized guide..."—BookPage The revised edition of 101 Tips for Graduates is a must-read for anyone ready to move forward toward higher education or a successful career. Career and workplace expert Susan Morem has updated and revised her 101 essential tips to make them even more relevant to the current job market. The message throughout is a refreshingly upbeat one, with practical, real-world insight and advice on how to keep a positive attitude when times get tough. The concise, helpful tips cover everything from how to succeed in a job to how to have a meaningful career and balance life and work priorities. This revised edition includes new tips on technology and also helps readers learn how to avoid the pitfalls of online activities like social networking while using them to aid job hunting. The seven key sections include Work Skills, Communication Skills, Leadership Skills, Social Skills, Self-discipline, Demonstrate a Positive Attitude, and Areas of Distinction. Perfect for anyone looking for help on the road to success or hoping to sharpen their professional performance, 101 Tips for Graduates, Revised Edition covers the essential dos and don'ts of the business world. New and revised tips include: Know the difference between an online and off-line friend You're never too old for an internship There is life after a layoff Put together your own personal advisory board You can make it through challenging economic times It's not what you earn, it's what you do with your earnings that count If you are looking, but not finding a job, consider other options Your résumé will not get you hired Pay attention to the proven practices of successful people Balance screen time with face time Change is inevitable; misery is optional Never give up on your dreams.


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