Know Yourself, Co-Workers and Your Organization

Jack Juchnowski
Dissatisfied with your job and considering a change? Interested in learning more about yourself? Want to become a better manager? Know Yourself, Co-workers and Your Organization will help you: -Explore your personality and gain new self-insights -Examine career options based upon your talents, needs and interests -Determine the best work environment for yourself -Discover strengths and skills you have overlooked or never thought about -Make sound career decisions by applying a scientifically validated theory of vocations -Understand why people behave, think and communicate in very different ways -Learn to motivate associates based upon their personalities and get the best out of your team -As a manager, understand the strengths and limitations of your leadership style Know Yourself, Co-workers and Your Organization walks you through a series of engaging self-tests and exercises to define your personality type within the theory of prominent vocational psychologist, John L. Holland. This easy to understand philosophy will help you find the keys to a satisfying career and rewarding relationships. Know Yourself, Co-workers and Your Organization is jargon-free, non-technical and straightforward, making the information accessible to all readers. Read this book and earn Continuing Education Credit (CEUs) on-line. Visit: and follow the simple instructions


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