Green Careers in Building and Landscaping

Therese DeAngelis (Editor), Peterson's Guides Staff
Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), millions of dollars have been allocated to improve energy efficiency in building construction. ARRA's substantial federal investments in building and retrofitting are likely to become a major source of revenue for suppliers of "green" products and services: For example, under ARRA, the government has authorized $4.5 billion alone for "greening" federal buildings. Clearly, building and large-scale landscaping businesses that invest in sustainable practices are poised for great success-and with success comes the need to increase the workforce. Peterson'sGreen Careers in Building and Landscaping is your one-stop resource for entry into the burgeoning green building sector. Selling Points: 1. Target markets: a.) environmentally conscious workers seeking careers in sustainable building and landscaping; b.) job seekers considering a career switch to sustainable building or landscaping; c.) skilled tradespeople and professionals seeking green jobs that do not require an advanced degree; d.) employees in building or landscaping industries hoping to advance as the field develops sustainable practices 2. Profiles of specific professional and skilled labor jobs in building and landscaping, with current data on work environments, career paths, earning potential, and education/licensure/training/certification requirements for each job 3. The latest on building and landscaping job trends and areas where jobs are most plentiful, with tips on where and how to search for jobs 4. Profiles of four- and two-year colleges that offer green programs of study, with data on degrees/programs available, costs and financial aid, admissions and application requirements, and green campus organizations and projects 5. Listings of union programs offering training/retraining for skilled workers 6. Review of government funding available for workplace training in building and landscaping


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