Becoming Leaders

F. Mary Williams, Carolyn J. Emerson
Copublished by ASCE Press, ASME Press, and the Society of Women Engineers With a foreword by Patricia D. Galloway, CEO of the Pegasus Global Holdings and 2003-2004 ASCE President, and an afterword by Greta Raymond, Vice-President, Environment, Safety, and Social Responsibility, Petro-Canada. You are a woman pursuing a successful career in engineering, science, or technology, and you are prepared to work hard for this. But you must also work smart. Becoming Leaders is about working smart and about making the choices that are right for you, your talents, and your life, wherever you are in your career. Williams and Emerson consulted the best research on a wide range of topics of interest to women in different stages of their careers. They present important, timely information alongside practical tips. Chapters can be read in any order, with roadmaps for students, career women, faculty, and managers. Written both to support career success and to encourage leadership self-awareness, Becoming Leaders is a book you'll turn to again and again, for advice, for information, and most of all for inspiration. About the AuthorsF. Mary Williams, Ph.D., D.D.S., is director general of the National Research Council of Canada's Institute for Ocean Technology. She previously served as the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)/Petro-Canada Chair for Women in Science and Engineering for the Atlantic Region at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Carolyn J. Emerson, M.Sc., is president of Carolyn J. Emerson Consulting, working on diversity initiatives in Canada and the United States. Product ReviewsWe have used this book for more than four years--it hits its target. The authors speak to the readers with insight, information, and humor. - Rachelle S. Heller, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, the George Washington University Becoming Leaders is a useful resource for women engineers and the organizations that hire engineers. The tips for students and professionals help us all celebrate the unique talents and special qualities women engineers bring to our organizations. Over 33% of our firm's engineers are women--reading this book made me realize how that statistic resonates to our success - Judith Nitsch, P.E., LEED A.P., President, Nitsche Engineering, Inc. Rather than a 'one size fits all' approach to leadership, the authors of Becoming Leaders know that each woman has a personal and unique definition of success that may change over time. The content and organization of Becoming Leaders make this a valuable resource for all women in STEM, whether you are beginning your studies, early in your career, or in a senior leadership role. - Suzanne Jenniches, 1988-1989 President, Society of Women Engineers; 2005 Chair, American Association of Engineering Societies; Chair of the National Academy of Engineering Engineer Girl Web site (1997-present) Mary Williams and Carolyn Emerson have translated the wealth of research, often inaccessible to women in STEM, into a practical and approachable reference. Becoming Leaders will be a valued career companion for any woman in STEM, regardless of her career path. - Michelle Tortolani, 2007-2008 President, Society of Women Engineers; Senior Director, Repeater Engineering and Operations, XM Satellite Radio, Inc.


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