Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Susan Echaore-McDavid, Richard McDavid
A comprehensive guide to more than 95 jobs in agriculture and agricultural-related fields. Agriculture is much more than the production, marketing, and distribution of food. People involved in the agricultural industry also work to produce raw materials for clothing, shelter, energy, and medicine, as well as to provide opportunities for recreation. Farms and ranches are only two types of places where agricultural production occurs. Dairies, fish hatcheries, nurseries, greenhouse facilities, forests, and rangelands are also areas where plants and animals are raised for food and other agricultural products. Career Opportunities in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources describes more than 95 jobs in agriculture and agricultural-related fields, including farming, aquaculture and commercial fishing, forest production and management, agriscience, agricultural services, food and beverage, pet and animal services, veterinary medicine, and education and communications. Appendixes in this comprehensive new resource include Education and Training Resources on the Internet, Professional Unions and Associations, U.S. Departments and Agencies on the Internet, and Resources on the World Wide Web. Career profiles include: Agricultural engineer Agritourism operator  Commodity broker Farm equipment mechanic Fishery biologist Floral designer Forester Meat cutter Organic farmer Veterinarian Vineyard manager and more.


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