Children of the Mind (Ender Quartet, Book 4)

Orson Scott Card
The planet Lusitania is home to three sentient species: the Pequeninos; a large colony of humans; and the Hive Queen, brought there by Ender. But once against the human race has grown fearful; the Starways Congress has gathered a fleet to destroy Lusitania.Jane, the evolved computer intelligence, can save the three sentient races of Lusitania. She has learned how to move ships outside the universe, and then instantly back to a different world, abolishing the light-speed limit. But it takes all the processing power available to her, and the Starways Congress is shutting down the Net, world by world.Soon Jane will not be able to move the ships. Ender's children must save her if they are to save themselves.


Reviewed: 2018-12-26

In Children of the Mind, there is almost none of the recurrent theme of self hatred and general negativity that I have noted in the majority of the characters in the middle books of the series, and most of them grow out of their nastiness before we quite get to this book. The exception being Quara--that bitch never ceases to spew her vitriolic bile upon anyone who has the misfortune (or nerve) to be within hearing distance of her. Most of the other characters of note actually develop and grow, thank goodness.
The major conflict of the series, as introduced in Speaker, is finally addressed and resolved. The conclusion leaves Card an opening to continue writing in and developing this universe, using many of the same characters--which opening he has obviously used to write the Ender's Shadow series. I may actually read these at some point, now that I have finished this set.
I enjoyed this book very much--I enjoyed it more than Speaker and Xenocide by a lot--though Ender's Game still holds pride of place as the best in the series.
That being said, one should not attempt to read and understand, much less enjoy, this book without reading the preceding three. I do not believe it stands alone, at all. Any person who has read further than Ender's Game in the series may owe it to him or her self to struggle through the pain of the middle two books to read this one, and in so doing gain a cathartic release from the miserable atmosphere of Lusitanian life.

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