Beauty And The Beast

Bill Condon
The story and characters you know and love come to spectacular life in the live-action adaptation of Disney's animated classic BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, a cinematic event celebrating one of the most beloved tales ever told..


Reviewed: 2020-11-08
I really enjoyed this remake of beauty and the beast. When I first heard about this movie I was reluctant because beauty and the beast is one of my favorite Disney movies. But after watching this remake it was really enjoyable and it made me want to watch the original movie again. The acting was very good but some of the songs had auto tune on some of the actors. I like it better when the singing is more natural like in the original film. Other than that it’s a really great remake even though it was a bit long. The film runs 129 minutes long. It was released in theaters on March 17 2017. Watched once. 10/10.
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