California Pioneer Fractional Gold

Walter Breen, Ronald J. Gillio
About This Book: Greatly revised and expanded from the original 1980's release, California Pioneer and Fractional Gold: Historic Gold Rush Small Change 1852-1857 And Supressed Jewelers' Issues 1858-1882 is an expert, exhaustive, and readable resource on these coins of the California Gold Rush. "With this new catalog, collectors have an authoritative reference that removes the mystery and confusion so long associated with the fractional gold coins of California." - Ken Bressett, ANA "...a tantalizing and rewarding presentation" - Eric P. Newman "THE book for California Fractionals, the affordable Carlifornia Gold Rush private coinage. It is a toss up to decide what Bob Leonard has done best: coordinating iconoclastic, egocentric collectors, or tracking down leads on the highways and byways of research. To cite one area, Leonard's revelations on manufacturers in the 1870s and 1880s are amazing." - Robert J. Chandler, Wells Fargo Historical Services Book Details: 263 pp, illustations throughout: images of coins, tables, images of 19th century San Francisco, 19th century coin charts and manuals, period advertisements. Table of Contents Highlights: California Small Demonimation Gold: An Appreciation, Did Period One California Small-Denomination Gold Issues Actually Circulate?, Genuine and Imitation California Gold, Easy Finding Guide, Period One Coins, Period Two Coins, Period Three Coins, Two Appendices (conversions tables.)


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