Angel in the Flame: A Tale of Two Saviors, An

Gene Wilkes
This is a gripping tale of two saviors. Two men whom God chose to rescue his people. Two men anyone familiar with history would call heroes among their people. Two men who represent the best and worst the human experience have to offer. One was the Arnold Schwarzenegger of his day. The other was a humble carpenter who led no army or held no office, yet in his death caused a cosmic ripple that touches the edges of our universe today. Both are part of Gods story to capture the hearts of men and women with his love but only one lived out Gods ultimate purpose for his life. This tale is about Samson and Jesus. This unique book is a conversational commentary on the life of Samson with an eye to our final Savior, Jesus. The book interacts verse by verse with Judges 1316 and makes continual references to Jesus superior role as the Savior of all people. Samson is an example of how most of us squander the opportunities God gives us to play a significant role in His-story. We are an angel in the flamea metaphor of our potential in Christ as a messenger of Gods love engulfed in his Spiritand no matter our choices God still accomplishes his purposes through our lives.


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